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About Us

About Us In business since 1977, Farmtronics is able to provide you with the lowest overall prices, with the highest possible benefits. We know how electronic instruments can prevent costly repairs, reduce downtime and increase productivity, but we also know that to be cost effective, these instruments must address the requirements of the application - no more or no less.

Farmtronics carries a huge inventory. 1,000 combined catalogue items with a goal of 98% order fill, enabling us to provide you with the fastest product delivery possible. In addition, we backup our sales with full product support and repair services. We are committed to customer satisfaction! 

Our Best Asset Is Still Service
We also service over 2000 different farm electronic monitors and instruments and carry over 500 exchange monitors and monitor cables. If we don't have the monitor cable you're looking for, our service department can make almost any cable you can think of. Try us! 

Save up to 80% of what it would cost you to replace an item. We charge flat rates for service and exchanges.