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3 TMX-2050 Display
3 TMX-2050 Display

TMX-2050 Display by Trimble®

Choose precision.
Leave nothing to chance.

You don’t just work for yourself. You work to provide for your family, your community, and to feed your nation. You work hard and smart. The Trimble TMX-2050 display lets you work even smarter. Take control of your entire operation with a system that gives you the clarity, certainty, and connectivity you need because your business is too important to leave to chance.

Say hello to high-definition field management.

In the middle of a busy season, the last thing you need is a complicated interface. The rugged TMX-2050™ display has a large 12.1” (30.8 cm) high-definition touch screen with sharp visuals and a bigger, clearer image. Built on the Android™ operating system, the flexible platform integrates into your operation seamlessly.

View different mapping layers, such as variable rate application, speed, and GPS quality overlaid on background map imagery. Manage your field directly from the display with the Field Manager view, showing fields, AB lines, and boundary information all in one easy-to-access screen.

Manage your whole farm directly from the cab.

You manage every section, every row, every seed on your farm. And the TMX-2050™ display provides instant access to the Connected Farm™ dashboard – a central location to view the information that impacts you, such as weather forecasts and rainfall, commodity prices, and fleet management information. Connected Farm manages data in the cloud, eliminating the need for USB storage, with faster access to your information from anywhere. Transfer guidance lines and maps from the office to the field seamlessly, and from vehicle to vehicle using wireless technology.

Kit Includes: TMX-2050 Display
ASSY. TM-200 Module
Ag25 L1/L2 GLN Antenna
Ag15 Antenna Mounting Plate
GPS Antenna Cable 8N, TNC
Cable Assy. TMX/XCN-2050, Power to Battery to TM-200
Cable Assy. TMX/XCN-2050, Display to TM-200
Cable Assy. TMX/XCN-2050, TM-200 14 Pin Pwr, CAN & I/O

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Price: 9,299.00 CAD$

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