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Product ID: E25460
1c. Eight-Button Remote Boom Controller for 8 Boom Sections
1c. Eight-Button Remote Boom Controller for 8 Boom Sections

Remote Boom Control by SprayTest Controls Inc.

The Remote Boom Control is a useful tool for troubleshooting problems on sprayers. It allows you to check and service your nozzles easily, along with other sprayer problems. No more running in and out of the cab to turn switches on and off. A handheld remote turns on individual booms one at a time from behind the sprayer.

The receiver (controller) is housed in a weatherproof box. This box is mounted close to the boom valves of the sprayer. Each Remote Boom Control comes complete with all the harnesses required to fit a particular sprayer. On most sprayers, the power to run the receiver is picked up off of one of the valves and wired into the harness provided for the sprayer. For sprayers without power at the valves, power cables are provided. The harness provided plugs directly into the existing harness on the sprayer to make installation quick and easy (approx. 15-30 minutes). Works on 433 MHz AM frequency with a 100 range. Box dimensions are 5W x 7L x 3H.

Wiring harnesses are available for all sprayers. For use when controlling 8 boom sections; 8 button remote type.

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Price: 1,500.00 CAD$

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