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RiteTilt Controller w/8' Detachable Cable
RiteTilt Controller w/8' Detachable Cable

RiteTilt by Greentronics

The RiteTilt controller is designed for use on a wide variety of equipment that must be maintained in a level position (zero tilt angle) in order to perform well. Typical applications include root crop and vegetable harvesters, and trenching equipment. Without automatic tilt control, the operator must visually check a gauge or indicator and maintain the correct angle on-the-go. The RiteTilt controller attached to the machine continuously measures tilt and activates electrical output signals when the tilt angle requires adjustment. The electrical signals control solenoid valves and cylinders or electric actuators to automatically keep the machine level.

Steep Hills:
When equipment operates on steep hills, sometimes the leveling cylinders reach their limit. In such instances, the RiteTilt will time out and release the solenoid valve to avoid unnecessarily burdening the hydraulic system. While the machine remains on the severe incline, the RiteTilt will periodically briefly activate the hydraulics to counter any “sagging” due to leaky valves or seals. As soon as the machine moves off the steep hill, the RiteTilt resumes normal operation to maintain a level position.

Accuracy and Stable Operation:
How quickly the machine tilts when the hydraulics are activated depends on many factors, resulting in a wide range of speeds. On a machine with fast response, it can be difficult to maintain an accurate level position because the machine keeps moving right past the level position after the hydraulics are turned off. This can result in a situation where the machine constantly rocks back and forth. The Greentronics RiteTilt deals with this problem using a special “anticipation” algorithm that stops the hydraulics before the machine reaches the level position. This algorithm enables the Tilt Controller to maintain a very accurate level position without the danger of generating continuous rocking.

System includes controller, interface box, two sonar sensors, two sensor mounts with generic mounting hardware, sufficient wiring to suit most pulltype and self-propelled sprayers with boom widths up to 120’, installation and operator’s manual.

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Price: 640.00 CAD$

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