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Product ID: E25672
1e. RateKing Plus Auto Rate Controller with Wheel Sensor Kit
1e. RateKing Plus Auto Rate Controller with Wheel Sensor Kit

RateKing Plus by Micro-Trak®

Features 5 boom control in a sleek and rugged, extruded aluminum console. This electronic rate controller displays all the necessary information for accurate application of liquids and anhydrous (regardless of changing field conditions or vehicle speed), in addition to positive control at a predetermined rate. It allows you to monitor up to eight different functions, plus three area counters with independent resets. The delta feature allows the operator to change application rates ‘on the go’ in automatic operation without stopping to recalibrate the unit.

Built-in Run/Hold master switch and On/Off power switch

  • Out-of-range warning light notifies operator of application errors
  • Push-button auto/manual feature for spot treatments
  • Records total volume applied to the nearest tenth of a gallon
  • Displays ground speed to tenths of mph
  • Records area on three independent counters so individual jobs may be tracked
  • Minimum flow feature to ensure proper application pattern as ground speed slows to extremes
  • Weather resistant console and weatherproof connectors
  • Non-volatile memory so settings and totals are retained with power off
  • User selectable English and metric measurement units
  • One-year warranty with an extended two-year option for a total of three years
  • Kit includes console, wheel ground speed sensor, 3/4" GFN (glass filled nylon) flow meter 2-40 gpm 150 psi, 1" servo valve, weatherproof connectors, wiring harnesses, and operator's manual. For anhydrous option, the NH3 Kit is necessary.

    Kits with radar and GPS ground speed sensors are also available.

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    Price: 3,084.95 CAD$

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