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Product ID: E25748
AccuFlow Vortex Kit, Fast Valve
AccuFlow Vortex Kit, Fast Valve

NH3 Vortex Kit by Raven®

AccuFlow - Vortex - HP+ Systems

No more square or flange fittings required for the end of the cooler. A large O-ring fitting makes for easier seal and replacement.

  • Added Pressure Relief Valve and Bleed Valve between the Control Valve and the On/Off Valve in a Two Valve system
  • NPT 1.25 threaded system replaced by the Vortex Pipe and Adapter Kit
  • Kit can adapt Vortex cooler to older or existing plumbing
  • Kit includes brackets, U-bolts, and Gruv-lock adapter

    Capacity options:

  • Vortex 1 valves: 30+ GPM
  • Vortex 1.5 valves: 50 GPM
  • HP+ with Vortex cooler: 80 GPM
  • *Systems were tested at 40F and 60 tank psi (Fall conditions)
    Reduced from 50+ fittings in older dual cooler system to less than 30 fittings for the Vortex cooler
    Gruv-lock couplings
  • Easier maintenance of the Flow Meter
  • Less than 10 minutes to remove and re-install flow meter
  • Only a single socket 7/8 wrench required Safety bleed down circuit
  • Positioned at the front of the toolbar and empties into the vapor lines
  • Additional needle valve for bleed down at the flow meter
  • Operator is removed from the point of exhaust

  • Faster bleed down
  • Half hour or less for full bleed down HP+ SYSTEM

  • Two Stage Valve Control System
  • When flow demand exceeds a fully opened valve, the HP pump is triggered to reach the desired rate

  • Dynamic Valve Control
    The Control Valve is commanded to react at a slower speed for lower rates and at a faster speed for higher rates

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    Price: 9,340.00 CAD$

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