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Product ID: E29050
2a. Whirlwind Blockage Console Kit
2a. Whirlwind Blockage Console Kit

Whirlwind Blockage Monitor by Micro-Trak®

The Micro-Trak Whirlwind system monitors up to 256 seed or fertilizer tubes. The basic system consists of a console with a dual alarm (audible and visual) and LCD display, and one or more Sensor Connection Modules (SCM's) with up to 16 sensors per module. Installation is simple. The seed tube sensors are non-intrusive and are clamped around tubes using cable ties, while the main harness consists of a single, seven-wire cable that "daisy-chains" the modules together.

The system is designed to work with air seeder or gravity drop systems. Its primary function is to monitor seed and/or fertilizer tubes and set off an alarm if any are empty or blocked. The LCD display indicates which tube is blocked or empty so the operator can easily identify and fix the problem.

Sets the Standard for Blockage Monitors with a Maintenance-Free Sensor
  • Immediate notification of plugged runs or manifolds--no waiting for slow scanning routines
  • Hassle-free installation with sensor design and single cable main harness
  • ZERO down-time for maintenance, no messy cleaning of sensor "eyes"; the Whirlwind sensors are not affected by dust or seed treatments
  • State-of-the-art sensors that are NOT in the product flow; they won't cause blockages or wear out
  • Every run scanned; all the time
  • Push-button control
  • Front panel lighting and illuminated readout for night use
  • High contrast Liquid Crystal Display with large, easy to read numbers
  • Audible and Visual alarms

  • Console kit includes console, power harness, installation instructions, and mounting hardware.

    Build-Your-Own System:
    1. Blockage Module: A blockage module is necessary to connect the console to each of the sensors. Its primary design is to be mounted upon the manifold allowing you to plug in up to 16 sensors. However, many of our customers have decided to customize this design, and monitor blocked manifolds only. In this case, a blockage module would be installed on the center manifold, and extension cables would be necessary to connect the individual sensors to the module. Up to 16 blockage modules can be installed with up to 16 sensors for a maximum total per system of 256. Product ID E29100;
    2. Blockage Sensor: This sensor is available with either a 1" inside diameter (Product ID E29150) or 1 1/4" inside diameter (Product ID E29200).
    3. Optional Speed Sensors: The console kit does not include a speed sensor. You can choose a standard wheel sensor (Product ID E11561), a Vansco radar sensor (Product ID E11640), an Astro II GPS speed sensor (Product ID E11700), or an Astro 5 GPS speed sensor (Product ID E11702). The choice is yours.
    4. Optional Bin-Level Module: Connects up to 4 bin level sensors to monitor low bin level conditions in up to 4 separate bins or use 4 sensors in one bin to monitor FULL, 75%, 50%, 25%, and empty. Product ID MTR-01382 Bin Level Module Kit, and Product ID E10700 Bin Level Sensor Kit.
    5. Optional Fan rpm Module: This module (up to 2) connects up to 2 fan rpm sensors (up to 4 sensors per system). Product ID MTR-01381 Fan rpm Module; Hall-effect rpm Sensor Kit Product ID MTR-01539; Molded Shaft Adapter Kit w/10 magnets, Product ID MTR-14536,
    6. Optional Shaft rpm Module: This module (up to 2) connects up to 2 shaft rpm sensors (up to 4 sensors per system). Product ID for the rpm Module is MTR-01380; Product ID for the rpm Sensor Kit is MTR-01539; Product ID for the Molded Shaft Adapter Kit w/10 magnets is MTR-14536.

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