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3k6f IP 22x PTZ Camera with AP
3k6f IP 22x PTZ Camera with AP

22x Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Camera

Invest in a PTZ wireless camera for your calving pens and barns! Wireless range up to 2 miles. At the price of cattle, you cannot afford to lose even one calf. Mounting a wireless PTZ camera in your barn or calving pen gives you 360 degrees horizontal vision and 90 degrees vertical. Control the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom features of this camera wirelessly from the comfort of your home. This is a great choice for any indoor application where you want to ensure that you can see the entire area. Wireless range, when all conditions are ideal, can be as far as 2 miles. Camera can be mounted to the wall or pole. The transmitter is mounted inside a weatherproof box.

Power to the camera is necessary. Mount the wireless transmitter to the outside of the barn. The wireless transmitter is enclosed in a weatherproof box and should be mounted with a line of sight to the receiver at the house. a cable is used to connect the camera to the outdoor transmitter. Longer lengths of cable are available. The wireless receiver is located outside the house on the same side as the barn or pen. Connect the cable from the wireless receiver to the TV monitor. Now you are set to observe all activities in your barn or pen. Once your system is installed, you can turn the camera 360 degrees to move around the barn, or 90 degrees vertical. The zoom feature gives you the capability to get a closer look.

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Price: 2,199.00 CAD$

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