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2. FALL SALE !!! 919 Moisture Tester
2. FALL SALE !!! 919 Moisture Tester

Model 919 Moisture Tester by Labtronics®

For many years the Model 919 moisture tester has been the industry standard for testing the moisture levels in grain, lentils, seeds, etc. The 3.5" cylinder holds a full 250 gm sample for maximum accuracy of results. With the relocation of grain elevators to large terminals, it is no longer convenient to have your crops tested off the farm. To compensate for this, many communities have purchased the tester to be used at a conveniently located site—dividing the cost. However, nothing beats the convenience of owning your own! The only electronic moisture meter equipped with a patented center post to compensate for bushel weight variation, packing, and leveling of sample. The dump cell contains a butterfly mechanism (activated by a release knob) to provide the same uniform distribution of all samples tested. Can be used as a portable with standard "D" batteries (not included) or the 110V AC power adapter (included).

  • Rugged Construction: Die-case aluminum housing for maximum durability
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: The electronics use solid state transistors instead of vacuum tube technology. NO TUBES TO BURN OUT!
  • Analog Meter Movement: Easy to read, time tested analog meter movement with orange needle.
  • Portability: An external 9V DC plug is included allowing the unit to be transported and used under field conditions.
  • LED Indicator Light: The LED indicator light changes color when the needle reaches the low point. Combined with the analog meter movement, this provides two separate ways to determine null point and dial drum reading. Simply determine the low point by waiting for the indicator light to change from Green to Red.

Kit Includes:
  • 919 moisture tester with 3.5" cylinder
  • Thermometer
  • 110V power pack
  • Calibration manual with charts
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