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Product ID: E93601
ZX-50 NIR Protein Analyzer for Two Grains
ZX-50 NIR Protein Analyzer for Two Grains

Portable Protein Near Infrared Seed Analyzer

The ZX-50 is specially designed for quick, accurate analysis of protein, moisture, and oil in small quantity samples. Light energy that enters the sample is scattered and absorbed within the sample. The ZX-50 measures the spectra exiting the sample and directly displays the productís constituent concentrations. Using a small 20 gram sample, it is the industryís first and only patented NIR analyzer specifically designed for and proven to provide accurate analysis.

Simply pour the whole grain to be analyzed into the ZX-50 sample holder, and place the cup into the analyzer. Once activated, it quickly measures the grainís protein, moisture, and oil concentrates and displays them on the analyzerís built-in LCD display or prints on the optional printer.

The ZX-50 comes with software programmed for testing two grains of your choice. It has the ability to test as many as five grains; however, there is a charge for each additional grain. The ZX-50 comes with analyzer, small quantity sample holder, standard quantity sample holder and carrying case.

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Price: 9,200.00 CAD$

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