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Product ID: E93960-SET02
Cereal Sieve Set
Cereal Sieve Set

New plastic constructed sieves nest together with the old style metal sieves. Bottoms of sieves and blank trays are made from a 13" diameter circle with a finished stacking diameter of 12.5".

Sieve sizes have been taken from the Canadian Grain Commission Grain Grading Handbook for Western Canada, Appendix D Sieves. Millimeter sizes have been omitted for clarity.

Set Includes:
  • No. 5 Buckwheat Manufacturer's Designation: No.5 Buckwheat triangle with 0.078" inscribed circle.
  • No. 6 Buckwheat Manufacturer's Designation: No. 6 Buckwheat triangle with 0.089" inscribed circle.
  • Blank Tray: The blank tray or catch pan bottom is made of 20 ga steel or aluminum material.

  • Guidelines for dockage determination:
    Measure out 250 grams. Pour into No. 6 Buckwheat sieve. Move sieve left to right 30 times, using a sifting motion. One time consists of one complete motion from the center, to one side, to the other side and back to the center (or each time the grain hits the left side of the sieve). Total distance from left to right is 20 cm or approximately 8 inches. Hand pick out large dockage that stays on top of the No. 6 Buckwheat (set aside and included as dockage), what falls through and remains on top of the No. 5 Buckwheat is usually not dockage (usually included with clean grain remaining on top of No. 6 Buckwheat, what falls through No. 5 Buckwheat to bottom pan is dockage. Combine contents of blank tray with large dockage hand picked from the No. 6 Buckwheat sieve to obtain estimate of dockage. NOTE: The majority of grain will stay on top or above the No. 6 Buckwheat sieve, that is normal.

    Wheat: No. 6 Buckwheat on top of No. 5 Buckwheat
    Barley: No. 6 Buckwheat on top of No. 5 Buckwheat
    Oats: No. 6 Buckwheat alone
    Rye: No. 6 Buckwheat on top of No. 5 Buckwheat
    No. 6 Buckwheat - Top
    No. 5 Buckwheat - Middle
    Blank Tray.

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