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Product ID: E94601
f4. Model 640XL Indicator
f4. Model 640XL Indicator

Model 640 Indicator by Avery Weigh-Tronix

  • Simple Operation ZERO key zeros the scale, PRINT key transfers weight data to printer, computer
  • Gross/Tare/Net G/N key allows viewing of either gross or net weights. TARE key is useful for temporary "zeroing" of the scale
  • Motion Filtering Enhanced dual "harmonizer" filtering settles down weight display for easy viewing. Ideal for filtering excess motion on mixers and livestock applications.
  • Memory Accumulators 100 six character alpha-numeric accumulator channels. Useful in identifying fields, seed type, livestock group
  • The model 640/640XL indicators are simple Gross/Tare/Net weight indicators which include 1.1" digits on the 640, or optional 2" digits on the 640XL. Included standard is either an RS-232 or RD40/XL port. Display is LCD, 14-segment with bright yellow green adjustable backlighting for easy viewing regardless of lighting conditions. Operates from 12V DC source and has selectable weight filtering. 100 accumulator memory channels, with individual statistics (count, total, and average weight accumulated) with alpha-numeric identification of those channels. Ideal for such applications as identifying field plots, seed types, recipes, and livestock pens or animals. Options included display size, RS-232 serial port, RD40/RD40XL remote display output, wireless RD40RF output, lower connector options, and XM64 wireless control (allows use of TARE and GROSS modes).

    Note: Indicator mounting bracket, power cable or power supply must be ordered separately.

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    Price: 1,995.00 CAD$

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