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Product ID: E97065
Grain Bin, Full-Bin Super Sensor
Grain Bin, Full-Bin Super Sensor

Full-Bin Super Sensor

The Full-Bin Super Sensor lets you know precisely when your bin is full. A sensor attached to the auger spout detects when the bin is full and electronically signals the light placed on the auger tubing or any other convenient location for quick visibility. The tilt switch at the top turns on the light at the bottom when the bin nears full. Can be used with any size of bin, and fits any size auger, conveyor or leg system.

Itís simple, accurate and safe to use. The sensor and light are encased in a durable, sealed housing for protection from weather and tough usage. Itís fool proof and virtually maintenance free. The Full-Bin Super Sensor can be installed in under an hour. Move the sensor and the light from the grain auger and use them on the air seeder. Itís the most effective and reliable system available today. Optional sound alarm also available.

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Price: 779.00 CAD$

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