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3. Inspire 1 Version 2 Drone
3.  Inspire 1 Version 2 Drone

Inspire 1 Version 2 Drone

Advanced, Ready-To-Fly Design

AERODYNAMIC, TRANSFORMING DESIGN Carbon fiber arms give you the strength to maneuver in the air and they transform, moving out of the cameraís way at the flick of a switch. With a full 360 degree unobstructed view, you now have the freedom to capture shots independent of the direction you are flying.

INTELLIGENT POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A fully integrated intelligent battery powers your Inspire 1 and virtually manages itself. When in flight, your remaining battery power is shown live, letting you know how long you can continue to fly. Advanced algorithms calculate the distance of your aircraft and estimated time to return home, letting you know when itís time to fly back. The battery reports the voltage of each cell, the total lifetime charges and discharges, and the overall health and battery status. All this helps you keep your Inspire 1 in the air and flying for years to come.

FAILSAFE All of these features combine to put your Inspire 1 on autopilot when needed. If the battery runs low or connection with your remote controller is lost, the Inspire 1 uses its positioning system and smart flight technology to return back to you.

HOVER IN PLACE WITHOUT GPS You can take off and land at the press of a button and keep your Inspire 1 steady indoors or when GPS satellites canít be acquired with the new DJI Vision Positioning System.

THE COMBINED VISUAL DATA AND SONARWAVES DJI built the Vision Positioning System from the ground up, customizing it to meet the rigorous requirements in place for anything that handles position holding on our flying platforms. This system combines visual data and sonar waves in a single unit, detecting both variance in patterns on the ground and current altitude. With this information, your Inspire 1 can hover in place and automatically raise or lower its arms as you lift off or descend to the ground.

THE CPU CHIP But the sonar and visual information is just one half of the fully integrated package: processing this information is handled by a dedicated CPU chip. This chip takes in feedback and outputs data in real-time, and is intelligent enough to distinguish between objects and ground patterns. All of this data is given to your Inspire 1ís flight controller, which in turn communicates with the entire aircraft.

Dual Operator Control The Master controller pilots the aircraft while the slave controller moves the gimbal and cameraís direction. Both remotes receive live data and video straight from the Inspire 1, but only the Master controllers sends commands to the aircraft.

Dedicated Buttons Easily control both flight and camera functions right on the remote. Dedicated buttons for photo and video capture, dials for gimbal tilt and camera settings, and one-press Return to Home functionality are all built right in.

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Price: 2,599.00 CAD$