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Product ID: ID0001
4d. Astro 5 Series for Non Micro-Trak Systems
4d. Astro 5 Series for Non Micro-Trak Systems

The Astro 5, (5 Hz) GPS Receiver Features:
  • Great Price
  • Compact
  • Accurate
  • Durable

  • The Astro GPS speed sensors are a direct replacement for magnetic wheel speed sensors or radar guns and can interface to most brands of monitors and controllers.

    The magnetic mount bracket is standard and allows for quick installation and easy transfer from one vehicle to another. Optional mount kits are available. It is not affected by crop canopies or adverse ground conditions. It improves productivity and efficiency!

    Two Red Status Lights on the Interface Module Indicate:
    POWER: turns on when power is applied to the unit. VALID GPS: blinks when the GPS receiver is working but has not yet acquired satellites.

    For Non Micro-Trak Systems: DICKEY-john 4-pin AMP
    DICKEY-john 4-pin Packard
    Raven 3-pin Conxall
    Magnavox/Phillips 4-pin
    Spraying Systems 844 3-pin
    Spraying Systems 855

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    Price: 695.95 CAD$

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