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Product ID: MTR-01144
1. MT-NH3 II Anhydrous Auto Rate Controller Custom
1. MT-NH3 II Anhydrous Auto Rate Controller Custom

MT-NH3 II Anydyrous Auto Rate Controller

The MT-NH3 II automatic rate controller provides a complete picture of critical anhydrous application functions and an accurate record of work performed.

Changing tank pressure and field conditions frequently result in 10% or greater misapplication. Your yield suffers when too little is applied, and your money is wasted when too much is applied. With Micro-Trak’s NH3 Kits, YOU CAN control the precise amount of NH3 that runs through your system.


  • Built-in capability for future VRA
  • Records area and volume in 3 independent pairs of counters so individual jobs can be tracked
  • Tank counter displays amount of NH3 left in tank, provides alarm when amount left in tank reaches (settable) low level
  • Enhanced reliability, precision & accuracy
  • Troubleshooting enhancements including “No Speed” and “No Flow” messages
  • Push-button controls for on-the-go rate adjustment and selection of automatic or manual operation
  • Backlit front panel for night operation
  • Measurement Capabilities:

  • Application Rate Actual “N” Displays the amount of actual “N” applied per unit of area
  • Tank Displays amount of NH3 left in tank
  • Flow Rate Displays the amount of NH3 applied per minute
  • Total NH3 3 independent counters record the total amount of NH3 applied to individual jobs or fields
  • Area Per Hour Tracks work progress
  • Ground Speed Displays speed based on input from magnetic sensor, radar, or GPS speed sensor
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