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Product ID: MTR-01999
a. SafeGuard Liquid Blockage Console Kit
a.  SafeGuard Liquid Blockage Console Kit

Safeguard Liquid Blockage Monitor by Micro-Trak

SafeGuard offers many advantages over other methods:
  • Instantly detects and alerts the operator of blockages without seeing the sensor
  • Audible alarm immediately alerts operator of blockage — HEAR what you’ve been missing
  • Display immediately alerts operator of blockage — SEE what you’ve been missing
  • Monitors all runs continuously
  • Alerts operator regardless of lighting conditions
  • Blockage is detected while your attention is on other things
  • Same performance Day or Night, Rain or Shine
  • System is not affected by cloudy or dark liquids
  • Achieve full benefits of liquid fertilizer application knowing all rows are applying
  • Blockage notification for a wide variety of product applications, starter fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, etc.
  • Wide variety of cartridge choices allows monitoring for partial blockage.
  • SafeGuard Blockage Sensors
    Blocked rows are identified by numbers on the display and with an audible alarm. Sensors monitor each row for immediate notification. Mount to suit your individual needs as the rows are being monitored without you needing to see them. Sensors can be ganged together, mounted individually over the row, or a combination of both. Daisy chain connectivity between blockage sensors for easy and clean installations. Blockage sensors are easily ganged and assembled with O-rings and U-clips, and are interchangeable with most other visual flow monitor fittings.

    SafeGuard ISOmod
    The SafeGuard ISOmod uses an existing virtual terminal in the cab to control settings and display liquid blockage information. The SafeGuard ISOmod interface broadens command of the system by utilizing on-screen messages and simple icon buttons on the virtual terminal to access monitoring functions. View real-time status of individual and total sensors arranged into dual networks and independent left and right sensor banks. SafeGuard ISOmod brings state-of-the-art blockage monitoring to your virtual terminal system.
    SafeGuard ™- Simple, Powerful, Trusted Protection

    Installation Flexibility and Savings Opportunities
    No limitations in mounting configurations. Sensors are available with two lead lengths: 3” x 20”. Mount the sensors to suit your needs since the rows are being monitored without the need to see them. Gange sensors together, mount them individually over the row, or any combination of both. Sensors are compatible with most other visual flow monitor components. Over-the-row installations clean up plubming and eliminate hose lengths.

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    Price: 1,246.95 CAD$

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