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» Blockage and Planter Monitors


2df. Blockage Sensor 2-Pin M/P Extension Cable, 25'
Product ID: MTR-13204
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25' extension cable for the Whirlwind blockage sensors, 2-pin M/P
Price: $63.95

2e. Bin Level Module Kit
Product ID: MTR-01382
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(01382) This bin level module connects up to 4 bin level sensors to monitor low bin level conditions in up to 4 separate bins or use 4 sensors in one bin to monitor FULL, 75&, 50&, 25&, and empty.
Price: $574.95

2k. Hall-effect rpm Sensor Kit
Product ID: MTR-01539
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(01381) This Hall-effect rpm sensor kit can be used on either a fan rpm module or shaft rpm module.
Price: $135.95

2l. Molded Shaft Adapter Kit w/10 Magnets
Product ID: MTR-14536
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(14536) This adapter kit is necessary to monitor slow shafts. If the shaft is traveling at a lower rpm, and the shaft size only allows 1 or 2 standard magnets to be attached directly to the shaft, this will not turn fast enough to register shaft speed on either the Whirlwind or Shaft-Trak.
Price: $74.95

2m. Shaft rpm Module Kit
Product ID: MTR-01380
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(01380) Connect up to 2 shaft speed sensor modules to your Whirlwind console. Each module connects to 2 shaft rpm sensors--up to 4 per system.
Price: $572.95

3c. Wheel Sensor Kit
3c. Wheel Sensor Kit
Product ID: E11561
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For Micro-Trak MT products. Kit includes Micro-Trak's Hall-Effect speed sensor, magnets, and magnet clips.
Price: $256.95

3j. Fan Sensor Module Kit
Product ID: MTR-01381
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(01381) Each fan sensor module (up to 2) connects up to 2 fan rpm sensors (up to 4 sensors per system).
Price: $555.95

4.9 CID #40 7/8" Hex Shaft Planter Drive Kit (Primary Drive)
Product ID: MTR-01211-7/8-32T-4
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Price: $2376.95

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