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fb4. 10 ft / 3.1 m Extension Cable to Use with Serial RD Assembly.
Product ID: E94613
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10 ft / 3.1 m Extension Cable to Use with Serial RD Assembly. (This creates a disconnect point between the indicator in the cab's cable and the remote display's cable.)
Price: $155.00

fc. 30' Cable
Product ID: WTR-AWT25-501079
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30' / 9.2 m 4-pin Amp to 5-pin Male EzMate connector for the i60 Serial Processor.
Price: $140.00

fc. i60 Serial Processor
Product ID: WTR-AWT05-508271
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The iForeman grain cart solution consists of the iForeman app for your smart device and the i60 serial processor. The i60 simply connects to your j-box interface cable and through Bluetooth, wirelessly sends the weight data to the iForeman application, eliminating cable clutter in the tractor cab. Unlimited number of devices can be synced with the i60 Bluetooth to view the grain cartís weight in remote mode. iForeman's simple touchscreen interface records key information including commodity, field and delivery location of every load.
Price: $3075.00

fc. Interface Cable
Product ID: WTR-50613-0012
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15' /4.5 m interface cable (4-pin AMP to tinned leads) for tinned lead J boxes for the i60 Serial Processor
Price: $69.00

fc. Interface Cable
Product ID: WTR-AWT25-501395
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3' / 0.9 m inteface cable 5-pin AWT to 4-pin Amp (for converting existing 5-pin AWT interface cable to 4-pin AMP) for the i60 Serial Processor.
Price: $90.00

fc. Kit: Unviversal Clamping Cradle
Product ID: WTR-AWT05-508291
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i60 Serial Processor Kit: Universal Clamping cradle for 10" screen tablets with heavy duty cases mounted to RAM 1" ball double socket arm mount.
Price: $126.00

fc. Lithium Battery
Product ID: WTR-AWT05-508275
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3 6V AA lithium replacement battery for i60
Price: $25.00

fd. Model 2060 Indicator, 4 x EZMate Connectors w/Two RS-232 & I/O
fd. Model 2060 Indicator, 4 x EZMate Connectors w/Two RS-232 & I/O
Product ID: E94596
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The intuitive 2060 multi-application indicator is supplied pre-loaded with Field Foreman planting and harvest management software for seed tenders and grain carts, offering powerful data collection that can easily be transferred to Farm Foreman PC. Features include an industry leading 6" (15 cm) diagonal backlit graphic display which is easy-to-read regardless of viewing conditions, alphanumeric keypad with tactile keys that are easy-to-find and allow the user to easily input data, and five soft keys F1-F5 which make the 2060ís software programs easy to navigate and learn. Standard Scale mode features a choice of Gross/Tare/Net weighing or Target Load/Unload weighing. Target Load/Unload allows user to enter in a target weight. As the user loads or unloads the target weight counts down and includes a full bar graph to display progress. Customizable Output allows user to interface with optional light and audible alarm. Robust IP65 design makes the 2060 ideal for withstanding the harshest environments including installation on mobile weighing equipment. Operates with 10-36V equipment and works with both 12V DC and 110 AC power supply. Two standard RS-232 connectors and an optional third connector make it very easy to connect peripheral devices including remote displays and printers.
Price: $2375.00

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