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3a TM-200 Module to Display Cable
Product ID: TRI-93843
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TM-200 Module to Display Cable.
Price: $150.00

3a. TM-200 Module
Product ID: TRI-95060-00
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Trimble TM-200 Module. For use with the TMX-2050
Price: $1899.00

3a. Trimble AG 15 Antenna Upgrade Kit
3a. Trimble AG 15 Antenna Upgrade Kit
Product ID: E24611
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(92010-00) AG 15 high-performance antenna upgrade kit. Allows EZ-Guide 250 or EZ-Guide 500 to achieve 6"-8" pass-to-pass accuracy with WAAS, EGNOS, or MSAS corrections.
Price: $565.00

3c. Antenna Cable 8M TNC
Product ID: TRI-50449
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(50449) Antenna Cable 8M TNC for EZ-Guide 250/CFX-750/FmX.
Price: $150.00

3c. CNH Magnum Bracket
Product ID: TRI-78100-02-RS
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Platform Kit, EZ-Pilot, SAM-200, CNH Magnum for Replacement Steering Wheel
Price: $775.00

3c. EZ-Pilot Steering Wheel
Product ID: TRI-78200-00
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Trimble EZ-Pilot steering wheel.
Price: $220.00

3c. EZ-Remote for FmX
Product ID: TRI-83200-04
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Trimble EZ-Remote for FmX.
Price: $399.00

3c. FmX to EZ-Steer Cable
Product ID: TRI-75742
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Trimble FmX to EZ-Steer cable.
Price: $318.00

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