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3c. New Holland/Versatile Bracket
Product ID: TRI-78100-10
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Trimble New Holland/Versatile bracket for the EZ-Pilot.
Price: $1025.00

3c. New Holland/Versatile Bracket for FmX
Product ID: TRI-78100-10-RS
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New Holland/Versatile Bracket for FmX
Price: $799.00

3c. Platform Kit, EZ-Pilot
Product ID: TRI-78100-01-RS
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Platform Kit, EZ-Pilot, SAM-200, John Deere 47XX, 8000 & 9000 Series for Replacement Steering Wheel
Price: $791.00

3c. Sonalert
Product ID: TRI-43104S
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(43104S) Trimble's Sonalert is used to engage an alarm when you enter headlands. For use with the EZ-Guide 250, CFX-750, FmX integrated displays.
Price: $75.00

3c. TM-200 Module Power Cable and I/O Cable
Product ID: TRI-92676
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TM-200 Module Power Cable and I/O Cable
Price: $339.00

3c. Trimble Cable
Product ID: TRI-62974
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Trimble Cable Assembly, EZ-Guide 250/500 to EZ-Steer 500.
Price: $142.00

3cc. AG25 L1/L2 GLN Antenna
Product ID: TRI-77038-00
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Trimble AG25 L1/L2 GLN antenna for the FmX guidance system.
Price: $1475.00

3e. AG15 Antenna Mounting Plate
Product ID: TRI-62034
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Trimble's AG15 Antenna Mounting Plate
Price: $22.00

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