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3n. EZ-Remote for CFX-750
Product ID: TRI-83200-03
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Trimble EZ-Remote for the CFX-750 guidance system.
Price: $390.00

3o. EZ-Steer Bracket Kit
Product ID: TRI-53059-05
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EZ-Steer Bracket Kit for the Buhler, NHO, VER, AFX Combines.
Price: $155.00

3p. EZ-Steer Bracket
Product ID: TRI-53059-02
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Trimble EZ-Steer Bracket Kit, CIH1
Price: $120.00

3q. EZ-Steer Bracket Kit
Product ID: TRI-53059-24
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Trimble EZ-Steer bracket kit, CIH 94/96.
Price: $187.00

3r. CFX-750 Interface Cable
Product ID: TRI-68461
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Trimble CFX-750 interface cable.
Price: $150.00

3za. Trimble Cable
Product ID: TRI-63193
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Trimble EZ-Guide 250 Cable, Unterminated Power, Fuse, Switch, Deutsch DTM04-2P.
Price: $53.00

4a. WatchDog Sprayer Station for Raven Viper Pro
4a. WatchDog Sprayer Station for Raven Viper Pro
Product ID: E24594
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External mounted weather station from Spectrum Technologies records weather data as you spray for later use in reporting actual field records at any point in time. Data includes temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction and more. For Viper Pro only; requires a key.
Price: $2675.00

4b. Weather Station Key
Product ID: RAV-1-077-0180-030
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Raven WatchDog weather station key for Viper Pro only.
Price: $525.00

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