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2a. LoadMaxx Trailer Scale Kit, ABS T-Breakout
2a. LoadMaxx Trailer Scale Kit, ABS T-Breakout
Product ID: E94950
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The LoadMaxx Trailer Scale works on air-ride equipped trailers with single or dual leveling valves. It converts pressure in the air springs into a very accurate on-the-ground weight. The heavier the load, the more air pressure is required to maintain ride-height. Once calibrated, the trailer scale displays the axle group weight to within 300 lbs of a certified scale.
Price: $1125.00

Quickload Straight Truck Scale, Dual Leveling Valve
Product ID: E94943
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Air-Weigh's Quickload Straight Truck Scale is for dual leveling valve on drive suspension with front deflection sensor. Fit your refuse trucks, grain trucks, construction vehicles, and commercial vans with Air-Weigh on-board scales and get reliable, accurate axle weights right at the loading site.
Price: $2125.00