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Optional Printer for the ZX-501Q
Product ID: E93603
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This is a printer used to display the protein results from the ZX-501Q or prints on the optional printer.
Price: $625.00

Software for Each Additional Grain
Product ID: E93602
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The ZX-50IQ comes with software programmed for testing two grains of your choice. It has the ability to test as many as five grains; however, there is a charge for each additional grain.
Price: $775.00

ZX-50 NIR Protein Analyzer for Two Grains
ZX-50 NIR Protein Analyzer for Two Grains
Product ID: E93601
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Zeltex ZX-50 NIR Protein Analyzer for two grains. Must specify which grains being tested. It is specially designed for quick, accurate analysis of protein, moisture, and oil in small quantity samples.
Price: $12500.00