Bushel Plus Grain Loss Calculation System, 60" Width

Product Code: E94070


Grain Loss

Do you know your combine grain loss?

The Bushel Plus system is designed to quantify your harvest grain loss by determining exactly how accurate your combine is calibrated. Maximize your yields by minimizing your grain loss. With this system you can attach, release, clean and calculate a sample faster with reliable results.

The drop pan is installed under the combine. It has a cover to prevent kernels or chaff filling it before it hits the ground. This gives a true and accurate sample from a predetermined spot. Powerful magnets attach the main pan to the combine. A second pan is placed inside it. In addition to a regular nesting pan, the system also comes with a narrow drop pan. The design of the narrow drop pan splits the stubble as it falls and prevents the pan from tipping. The narrow pan is great for taller stubble conditions like straight-cut hemp, corn and grain harvested with a stripper header. It is available in either a 40" or 60" width.

An air separator is used to clean the grain sample by blowing the chaff and straw from the sample. This eliminates the need for using time-consuming sieves to clean the sample. The air separator can also be used to clean grain for an accurate moisture reading.

The field scale measures the weight of the grain to use with either a printed guide or the NEW APP for easy calculations. The APP calculates in Metric or Imperial and you can save the machine and crop settings in your records. The results can then be shared by using messenger or email.

What's included in the Set:

  • Carrier Unit (attaches to the combine)
  • Canola/Cereal Drop Pan (large pan)
  • Canola/Long Stubble Drop Pan (small pan)
  • Scale
  • Smart Charger
  • Two remote controls/transmitters
  • User Manual for your Bushel Plus Set
  • Reference Guides (not shown)
  • Free access to the APP

More than just a Drop Pan:

Utilise the tray and air separator to take a moisture and quality sample from the field, without taking the combine out. Shake a sample in the tray, clean it with the air separator and take a moisture and quality test within a couple of minutes. Saving you time and money!