New & Exchange Replacement Farm Electronics

New and Exchange Replacement Farm Electronics

  • Send us the core and we will ship you a rebuilt one within 24 hours.
  • All in-stock items shipped the same day if ordered before noon.
  • If the part you need is not listed, call 1-800-667-8001.
  • Avoid serious downtime.

New Parts (NEW):

A new part may be sourced directly from the original manufacturer of the part.  In this case, the quality, appearance, and specification characteristics are identical.  However, occasionally we use a secondary source - it could be that the original is no longer available, or it may be less expensive.  Parts from a secondary source are not always exactly the same as the original unit in appearance, but the fit is the same.  They work just as well with guaranteed performance and have a minimum one-year warranty.

Exchange (EXC):

Unit is received, exchanged and shipped the same day without testing.  The exchange price is higher than a standard repair but has the fastest turn-around time.  The exchanged unit has been repaired and updated where known at the time, plus those we have added from our own experience.  Appearnce parts may be replaced (panels, plastics, etc) and will look as new as we can make them.  Units shipped will always have equal or better appearance as some parts are now out of production.  It is important to note that the unit you want exchanged must be received before exchange unit is shipped.