Do you need a part off your equipment replaced or repaired?


All units serviced by us have a one-year warranty from the date of first use. Farmtronics’ warranty is limited to cost of repair, refund, replacement or exchange only. We are not responsible for lost time or production. If you are shipping a unit to Farmtronics for repair, make sure you include inside the package your name, address, telephone number, and the complaint.  


Do we have the part you need? If you still are not sure, contact us by email our call toll free number, 1-800-667-8001. Lastly, you may have the option to purchase a new replacement part. A new part may be sourced directly from the original manufacturer of the part. In this case, the quality, appearance and specification characteristics are identical. However, we occasionally use a secondary source. It could be that the original is no longer available, or it may be less expensive. Parts from a secondary source are not always exactly the same as the original unit in appearance, but the fit is the same. They work just as well with guaranteed performance, and have a minimum one-year warranty. All in-stock new parts are shipped the same day that the order is received if ordered before noon.