Shaft-Trak with 5 Sensor Kit

Product Code: E23255


Shaft Monitors

Shaft-Trak™ by Micro-Trak®

....Monitors what your eyes can't see.

  • Monitor up to 5 shafts simltaneously, or 3 shafts and 3 bin levels
  • Immediate notification when shaft stops turning or bin level is low
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • Simple operation—attach sensor and turn on; no settings or calibration is needed
  • Heavy-duty, weather resistant console and weatherproof cable connections

If at any time the Micro-Trak Shaft-Trak senses rotation at greater than minimum rpm, or a bin level is okay, it will turn on the green light (running) for that particular sensor.

If the rpm of any of the active (green lights on) shafts drop below 45 rpm (rotation speeds lower than 45 rpm can easily be handled by adding additional magnets to the shaft), or a bin level is low, the corresponding red light will flash, and the alarm will sound to alert the operator that the shaft has effectively stopped or the bin is empty. The red light will continue to flash as long as the shaft rpm or the bin level is low (for a maximum of one minute). If the shaft rpm remains low, at the end of the one minute period it will turn both lights off until that shaft rotates at more than the minimum rpm again—or until the bin has been filled.


  • The simplest of all monitors - simply install sensors and turn on power - no settings or calibration are required
  • Standard with Hall-effect (non-mechanical) magnetic shaft speed sensor
  • Eliminate unseeded areas
  • Save money and time by seeding once
  • Avoid embarrassing and costly skips

One-year warranty

E10700 Bin Level Sensor