24" Hay Bale Sample Probe for Round Bales

Product Code: E93526


Hay and Forage Moisture Testers

Hay Sample Probe

The Hay Bale Probe is used to obtain samples of forage and crops from square and round bales. The stainless steel probe includes a cleverly designed bagging system and custom clean-out rod.

Samples are collected within a self-contained bagging attachment which allows for easy organization while preventing sample contamination from handling and minimizing moisture loss from evaporation. Animal ration balancing requires a forage analysis. Proper hay & forage analysis requires taking a good forage sample. Taking a good sample requires a hay probe.  The Best Harvest Hay Probes allow recommended 5/8" samples of chopped forage to be gathered quickly and easily without contamination from handling.

Hay Probe Sampling Procedure: Care should be taken when sampling hay. Samples should be uniformly obtained from several bales (10 bales minimum) throughout each sampling lot. Avoid sampling only one or two areas in the lot. Each sampling lot should be defined by date baled, cutting, forage type and pasture, and owner or farm name. Indicate if the hay was rained on while curing. Any significant event that could cause changes in forage quality would be reason for separating those samples into a different lot. For a large sampling lot (more than 50 bales), it is advisable to gather several hay samples for analysis. Attach your cordless or corded 1/2" drill for penetrating action. Collect hay samples easily and prevent contamination from handling. Attach drill, cut through forage, clean out rod pushes up to 20 hay core samples into a 1-gallon standard zip-lock bags which are suspended from a durable ABS collection shield. Drill powered and available in two lengths