7" CabCam Cabled Rear-View System with 1 White LED Camera

Product Code: E91395


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Cabled Rear-View Camera System by CabCAM

Eliminate blind spots and provide extra side and rear vision with this heavy-duty cabled rear-view camera system. Wired systems give you a dependable clear image under all conditions. This system includes an image mirroring function that is perfect for vehicles being used in reverse. If you switch it to normal viewing, you can watch the traffic behind you when you have to move wide equipment using public roads and highways. The operator can easily access this switch on the monitor. Its uses are not limited to just rear-viewing. Replacing failed bin-level systems or installing a new system can be very expensive. By mounting the camera in the hopper of a combine or the bin on your seeding equipment, you can check your levels at a glance saving you hundreds of dollars. The camera features rugged construction, and the lens is tightly sealed within to prevent the attraction of dust making it a perfect choice for anyone mounting it on farm and heavy equipment used in off-road conditions. The 7" LCD color monitor is much larger than most factory-installed systems making it much easier to see activity on the monitor especially since operating the equipment also requires attention. Both camera and monitor have audio capabilities. The video monitor inputs allow for expansion of up to 3 cameras. Cameras can be purchased separately. The monitor will only show a single camera image, manual switching from one camera to another would be necessary. If a dual or quad display is required, check out the Quad Cabled Rear-View system. One-Year Warranty

Kit Includes:
7" LCD color monitor with remote control, 1 white LED camera, ball swivel & stationery mounting bracket, 20' and 65' weather resistant video cables, 13 pin wire harness, AV conversion cable, cigarette lighter adapter, backshield and sunshield, AC power adapter.