EnviroMonitor Information


Measure, Monitor, and Manage In-Field Data

EnviroMonitor brings your farm into the modern age of technology, serving as your
reliable “eyes and ears” in the field, 24/7. Now you can have an affordable, flexible, rugged solution that delivers the data you need to manage key elements that keep crops healthy, yields high, and money in your pocket!

The EnviroMonitor is a simple and cost effective way to get the sensor data you want seamlessly transmitted from your fields to the smart device in your hand. Get the timely and meaningful information you need to keep crops healthy while efficiently using water, fertilizer, fungicides and pesticides. This saves you money and reduces risk.

Multiple sensors can be installed on each Node in the EnviroMonitor system. Adding new sensors as needed is a breeze. While Davis offers many sensor options, EnviroMonitor allows you to connect several top-tier, third-party sensors as well.

The ever-growing list of supported sensor types includes:

• GroWeather® Sensor Suite         • Rainfall

• Soil Moisture                              • Leaf Wetness

• Soil Temperature                        • Pressure Switches

• Soil Salinity                                • Pressure Sensors

• Temperature                               • Flow Meters

• Temperature/Humidity                 • Water Level

A Powerful Team:

Accurate Hardware, Intuitive Software, Easy Setup

Your farm is unique. You must make decisions based on your crops, growing on your land, in the unique conditions that are found only there on your property. EnviroMonitor will let you create a system precisely suited to deliver the information you need. With your micro-climate data in the Cloud, you’ll be able to access it from your PC and mobile devices. The WeatherLink.com site allows you to customize your dashboard, perform in-depth analysis with reports, charts and graphs, export data and much more. Easily access your data with Mobilize, a free, intuitive, decision-making app that puts field data in your hands. Customize your screen views, quickly browse sensor data, view forecasts, frost information and alarm set up and more.