EV2 Air Core Pyrometer, 2 1/16"

Product Code: E70150


Isspro Enhanced Visibility Gauges

Enhanced Visibility Air Core Pyrometer by Isspro

A pyrometer is an exhaust temperature gauge that allows you to read an immediate change in exhaust temperature by receiving a temperature signal from a probe (thermocouple) that is inserted into the exhaust manifold. This constant monitoring of temperature changes alerts the driver to temperature problems well before indications would be received from a typical water temperature gauge. Equipment operators use pyrometers to diagnose engine problems and drive more efficiently, prolonging engine life and reducing fuel consumption. Provided with signal amplifier. Choose leadwire and thermocouple from accessories.

EV (Enhanced Visibility) products:

  • 270° sweep.
  • 100-1600°F gas engine
  • Uses two T-5 bulbs
  • White dished face dial, blue backlit numerals, illuminated blue pointer and chrome bezel
  • Convex scratch-resistant glass lenses
  • Antifog solution applied to inside of glass lenses
  • All instruments frontally sealed
  • All outer plastic parts are UV stabilized
  • Glass filled white polyster case resists corrosion and vibration and augments lighting, designed for superior night time viewing
  • Most gauges are for 12V DC NG operation unless otherwise specified.


  • E70210 Universal Thermocouple
  • E70260 Adjustable Thermocouple
  • E70310 Weld Bushing
  • E70370 10' Leadwire
  • E70380 16' Leadwire
  • E70390 20' Leadwire