EZ 3200 Scale Indicator

Product Code: DIG-400844


Molex Panel Mount Power 0.093" (2.36) Series

EZ 3200 Scale Indicator by Digi-Star©

The EZ 3200 Indicator Series includes all the features of an EZ 2000 and combines the functions of an EZ 210 and EZ 320, while providing enhanced features requested by customers.
  • Alpha-Numeric Key Pad - allows you to name your ingredients, rations or pens.
  • Expanded 200 Ingredient Memory Capacity - greater flexibility to store your rations.
  • Batch and Ingredient Accumulation - the EZ 3200 accumulates ration and ingredient usage and stores it internally allowing you to transfer this data at a later date via a DataKey (Data Down Loader) to a PC or printer.
  • 99 Different Ingredient Names Preloaded - allows for quick entering of rations and is easily edited for your specific application.
  • Hold Key - holds the weight stable while moving the mixer scale system.
  • Batch Numbers - each batch is assigned a unique number for sequential sorting.
  • Loaded vs. Preset - allows you to keep track of actual mixing and feeding process by tracking actual amounts mixed vs. the planned amount, giving you percentage of error in mixing and feeding.
  • Rotation Counter - this optional feature acts like the odometer on your car. It keeps track of two different mixer revolutions individual batch and total lifetime (patent pending).
  • Help Messages - in seven foreign languages - English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

One-year warranty.