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FARM SECURITY, keep your property safe.

When I grew up on the farm back in the 60’s, rural crime was non-existent. We would hear folktales of cattle rustlers, but we never had a cow stolen from our herd. My father would not only leave the keys in the vehicles, but his wallet as well. That way he always had his keys and wallet when he needed them. It is alarming to hear about the number of crimes that are occurring to farm families. According to the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, rural crime rate is 36% higher than urban crime in 2017 in Saskatchewan, 38% higher in Alberta, and 42% in Manitoba.

We always knew if a vehicle drove onto the farm yard because our dog would bark. But not all of our equipment and fuel tanks were located in the farm yard, and his barking was useless if no one was home to hear it. 

Technology is available to help you keep eyes and ears on your property. Not only for your own personal protection, but to alert you if someone is stealing your property. Farmtronics carries a full selection of farm security alarms and cameras. You can even combine your alarms and cameras with an app to your cell phone so even when you’re in the field you can monitor your property.

You can choose a pre-packaged kit, or our friendly sales staff can help you design your own custom camera security system based on your individual needs.